Elevating My Hero Writers

These are the amazing writers I have encountered in the past year & ½ who never made me feel like something was wrong with me, but only something RIGHT. Which we all are, BTW. We all have something right inside of us & maybe it takes a complete stranger to acknowledge that because the people who think they know us & who are our friends or family really never do. They always hold onto old worn-out memories from the past & don't see you as a phoenix rising from the ashes. They see you as unstable or hysterical, not a vilified individual who was crying out & asking for help after a traumatizing attack. When you want to be enlightened & grow & start a beautiful new way of seeing the world, they'll say but remember when? When you feel like you've changed, they'll try & keep you the same old Anita because it feels safer for THEM. Not for YOU, but for THEM. When you try to explain you think you are on the autism spectrum & need help learning certain things, they'll tell you to grow up & do it yourself. When you want to meditate every day, they'll say you're lazy. When you're kind & pure-hearted & spiritual, they think you're a fool instead. When people just want to keep labeling you, but don't want to be labeled themselves. When you're quiet & people think you're being stuck up instead. When you are trying to be brave & strong & you are called arrogant. When anything you do is distorted to fit other people’s perceptions of you. When you just can't do anything right!!!

Sigh… 😔

These are the amazing people who made me feel like I did something RIGHT…

These strange heroes of mine can be found on the social platform Medium, which I stopped writing on because I wanted to stop the clapping, the applause, the comments, the eyesight deterioration, the headaches of finding out my account was being hacked into when I logged on. I hate social media with a passion. But I love other writers & so I dedicate this post to all the beautiful souls who I never met in real life who touched me, if but for a brief moment. The ones who kept my sanity through my panic attacks. The ones who inspired me to keep on chugging. The ones who kept hope alive in me when I felt shunned or outcast. They are in no order of favoritism. I just jotted their names down real quickly by just bursts of memory. It's when I can't stop the crying anymore that I finally realized there are others who are crying just as much as I do. They are crying to be heard, just like we all are. I hope you read their stories & listen to them because they are all the heroes we need in our lives. I was looking for a hero to save me this whole time & I was so blind not to see they were right next to me. The total strangers on a media platform where the most I ever got paid was I think $2.00 & some change for a month's work. (Oh, yeah, that’s another reason I stopped writing on there. Because I guess in my delusional mind I feel like I am worth more than that).


These are my literary heroes…


Misty Moon, Filza Chaudhry, DL Nemeril, Lanu Pitan, Margaret Tye, Kira Dawn, Yana Bostongirl, Siobhan Champion, Ankit Priyadarshi, Aaditya Rajagopalan, Kerstin Krause, Darrin Atkins, Doran Lamb, Esther George, JoAnn Ryan, Dwade Kearns, Jen Duff, pockett dessert, Laura Jevtich, Vincent Van Patten, Jen Gippel, Bassey BY, DonnaWalksInSpirit, The Naked Spiritualist, Jeffers BF, Anthony Eichberger, Nancy Fox, Sara Hardy, Kimberley Fosu, Pam Winter, Dan J, Ed Sharrow, Alberto Garcia, Iva Ursano, Chad Marrah, T. Azhus, Diana Meresc, Solene Chevreau, Madelyn, Tracey Folley, Christopher Lancette, Jerehia Bonners, Pauline LaRocca, Taylor Pawley, Jenny Beecher, Courtney Kirschbaum, Merve DIK, Flynn Hannan, Aldric Chen, Kelli Lynn Grey, Jean Carfantan, Alice Cunningham, Angelina Der Arakelian, Jan Sebastian, Austin Petti, Sam Bracke, Spacesuit Self, Marilyn Flower, TK Mullins, Lisa Daum, Shannon Pierre, John B. Carroll, karl marx junior, Ilana Lydia, Ali Kurtulmus, Chad Gates, Christine Breese, David Perlmutter…

Kelsey Gartland *(exception because I met her in real life & she is not a writer but she’s on my Medium account).*

…And plus anyone else on my Medium account that I did not mention. Your stories are worth hearing but I just did not have any interaction with you so my memory didn't capture anything.

I love you all. I wish I had a party where we could all meet because that is where we could all shine together. For now, I just want to take a back seat & be a nobody who takes a gamble on something else in my life. Go shine on everyone, go shine on!!!