Artificial intelligence is not a technology

Despite the artificial intelligence being familiar in the day to day living of human beings, there have been some tips which are not clearly put to confirm it as a technology. The following are some of the reasons which ma kth artificial intelligence not to be a technology.

1. Difficulty to imitate the human brain

The brain of the human being is composed of the varied elements which are essential in the thinking capacity of a given scenario. While the artificial intelligence is scientific research that is carried out in the imitation of the human mind. If you want some help is here for you. This makes difficult to imitate the human mind because the mind of the human being is complicated and therefore one single science cannot make the best understanding of the brain. Thereby, for the clear understanding of the human brain, there should be the various elements which should be put together by the various thinkers such as the psychologists, linguists, and philosophers who need to understand the human brain as a whole. Henceforth, with the use of single scientific research, one will be based on the unidirectional imitation of the mind and leave the other values which are thought up in the mind of the human brain.

2. Artificial intelligence is a multidiscipline science

For the better development of artificial intelligence, there should be many other disciplines which jointly work with the technology to make a success out of it. Teamwork in the various disciplines should be counted in so that clear understanding of the human brain. The disciplines from the sociology, philosophy, psychologists and even neurology should be well counted in the study of the human brain from one generation to the next. Always there should be a consideration that the human brain can change in the thinking just from one generation to the next. Therefore, there should not be the general agreement of the human brain but should be specific with regard to a given age. Therefore, through the wide research carried out by the various disciplines, there will be broad thinking about the imitation of the human brain which is essential in the modern technological living. Thus, a narrow focus on the human brain will necessitate to the bad and shallow recommendations of the human brain functions which are the key drivers in the thinking mod way of living.

3. Machine reasoning is uncertain

Human beings are very precise in reasoning and therefore makes the machines not to be certain about their thoughts. This means that human beings have got varied ideas which are not precise and keep on varying from one person to the next. Therefore, the machine will find it difficult to know the thinking of the human being because of the varied ideas which are not unidirectional but are a multi-direction in the ways of thinking. Human beings too need to have a common goal of sharing of the ideas through the common race and not to have a generated recommendation on their thinking by the artificial intelligence science. Thus, the human being needs interaction with the other human beings so as to understand each other over a given issue. Henceforth, democracy for every individual should be in a manner that will benefit the rest of the people all over the countries and not through the use of the machines to read the brains of the human brain which can create eventually disunity in the human thought in regard to a given perspective of life. The analysis too should compos of the structured model in the research of the human brain than just to use the machine in one scenario of identifying certain issues and leaving it when all matters of life are considered to be general.

4. Artificial intelligence calls for diversity

The topic of artificial intelligence requires a wide range of knowledge to be incorporated from the various fields of study. Major researches should be carried out before verifying that something is true. The institutions that carry out the researches should be thorough b incorporated and views to be provided by the varied personalities who require the better ways of coming up with this technology. There should be gender sensitivity while doing the researches in the various institution which is very paramount in order to equalize on the ways the human brain may b thinking in a given situation. Considering gender, girls and boys have got different thinking in regard to the age and occupation thy engage in. Thus, there should be thorough research to be done and b confirmed on the best ways they can behave. henceforth, the machine should be given the final priority to make a decision in the thinking capacity of the mind after all the research have been carried out.