Today is one of those days where having the types of issues that I have is both a blessing and a curse. Let me tell you why.

  1. I woke up after almost ten hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in weeks. This was only as a direct result of a new medication I started taking for that purpose. Me and my shrink (psychiatrist – read blog below for clarification on who does what) came to an agreement when I first started treatment with him I would not research side effects of medication or even their purpose. He wanted full trust as a trade for full disclosure. And, honestly, it's a system that none of my other doctors ever offered.

  2. Someone reached out to me for guidance. A perfect stranger, too. I think I may have freaked them out, but that's okay because they wanted the truth and that's what I gave them. One of the beauties of mental illness is most of us are usually very blunt in our efforts. Not because we lack empathy. We are well aware of how our actions or inactions affect others. There is just no filter. No output for relaying information that is less than the truth. We are accustomed to being lied to constantly by our families, our doctors, our friends. So therefore, it is not in us to reciprocate.

If I had to scale my wins or losses by days, today would absolutely be a win. Because I know I helped someone just by being me. If that's not enough for the world then I don't know what is. Now I need to finish my homework. Stop distracting me, blog. I am on to you!