Freedom Through Chaos Magic

I've been struggling to think of what my goals should be as a mage. Wicca, Druidry, hermeticism, and pretty much every other esoteric tradition has a guiding principle or morality ascribed to it. Chaos magic? Not so much. In fact, the basic tenant of chaos magic is “nothing is true, everything is permitted.” A framework and goals are only necessary as long as they are useful. But if you don't have a clear goal, what is even the point?

When I started the blog, and began researching the occult, I said I wanted to explore the world of consciousness that lay just beyond what people could see physically. To what end? To explore the mystery of my own existence, I suppose, but why? Well, in examining some Discordian and Chaos Mage text, I've found a bit of an answer. Hail Eris, cause she hit me on the head with a golden apple and reminded me that I'm an anarchist. And suddenly that put everything in a better perspective.

The current cognitive paradigm is materialistic to the nth degree. People are reduced to unconscious machines, and religion into a tool used to control them. Any deviation from the norm is a malfunction to be corrected. I am a malfunction in someone else's brain. Fuck. That. Noise. I'm gonna shatter that cognitive paradigm.

The Goals of the Psychonaut

The Star of Chaos

There are three main goals that I have as a mage and that I encourage other mages to take up as their own:

  1. To break free of the falsehood that world is purely material in nature.

  2. To gain mastery over one's cognitive power.

  3. To pass on their knowledge and allow others to do the same.

The sharing of information about magic is praxis, insofar as it can help someone break down the shackles of their conceptual reality and realize their true potential. Magic is a powerful tool for self-actualization and building belief in ones own power.

In my next blog post, I will review one of the resources that has been instrumental in my study of magic and talk about why I think it could be a good starting point. Until then, I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

“In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Things go on as they always have, getting weirder all the time.” – The Principia Discordia