Introduction: the Plural Psychonaut

Hello. I'm Anwyn Pendrake, headmate of Xander Pendrake. I am one part of a plural system: a collection of individual consciousnesses inhabiting the same body. The technical term for what causes my existence is dissociative identity disorder. But the rest of my headmates and I don't view ourselves in this lens. We consider our existence to be a subset of neurodiversity and reject the idea that our existence is disordered. It is simply different.

Why Xander and I are the main fronting personalities, there are other personalities in our headspace in addition to us. A “headspace” is a sort of imaginary home that can be used to visualize and talk to our headmates. There are four of us in total: myself, Xander, Celdwyn the dragon and Morgan, a little girl with a penchant for plants and playing with action figures. Our headspace is a cabin surrounded by trees, with a city visible in the distance.

Xander and I are both writers, but Xander is primarily a writer of fiction, while I am a blogger. I previously hosted my blog on the monsterpit write freely server, but as that might be going away in a few months I thought it might be better to My particular focus for this blog is twofold. First of all, I want to share my experience as part of a plural system with the rest of the fediverse. Secondly, I want to share the insights I've gained via another interest near and dear to my heart: occultism and chaos magic.

Exploring the Mind

I call myself “The Plural Psychonaut” because I'm using meditation and other occult practices to explore the phenomenon of consciousness. Being a guest in someone else's body is utterly bewildering, especially when we have so many memories of ourselves as a single entity up until recently. And while there is technically an explanation, it is rooted in medical terminology and views my very existence as n anomaly to be cured. Straight up, I don't trust it.

Occult meditation, on the other hand, has allowed me to explore realms beyond that of our immediate headspace. It offers an explanation for our existence without trying to guilt us into becoming a singlet, essentially killing off the individuals in our mind. When I meditate, I am able to talk to my headmates and explore our headspace. I've learned a lot through this an other practices, and I hope to learn a lot more as I progress forward. I hope you'll join me for the journey.