designated terrorists in new Taliban govt,

Rs 73 crore bounty on interior minister Mullah Hasan Akhund, named as the prime minister, like many in the Taliban leadership derives much of his prestige from his close link to the movement`s reclusive late founder Mullah Omar, who presided over its rule two decades ago. group’s founder as premier, and a wanted man on a US terrorism list as interior minister carrying $ 10 million bounty on his head.

World powers have told the Taliban the key to peace and development is an inclusive government that would back up its pledges of a more conciliatory approach, upholding human rights, after a previous 1996-2001 period in power marked by bloody vendettas and oppression of women.

The names announced for the new government, three weeks after the Taliban swept to military victory as US-led foreign forces withdrew and the weak Western-backed government collapsed, gave no sign of an olive branch to its opponents.

The United States said it was concerned by the track records of some of the Cabinet members and noted that no women had been included. “The world is watching closely,” a US State Department spokesperson said.