Network Analyst: what is it?

The network analyst guarantees the technical functioning of the network information systems resources. It contributes to the optimization of the operation of computer networks, which it can integrate, as they evolve, new applications.

What skills for which missions?

Main missions of the network analyst: define the operating procedures. For this, he participates in the study and analysis of the needs of the company in terms of systems and networks. It develops and publishes operating procedures, sets up performance monitoring dashboards. Network Analyst Job Description: In addition, he works on the configuration of servers and workstations. The planning of treatments and backups and the evolution and maintenance of networks, their monitoring and testing programs are his responsibility. In addition, he is the person in charge of the technical reports of which he addresses a detailed analysis to his hierarchy. For that, he must collaborate in defining or improving security procedures. He is required to update the technical documentation at the same time as he must ensure the continued effectiveness of the security systems. It manages operational incidents, researches what causes them, analyzes them and takes corrective action. As a technician, he must have a good knowledge of hardware, software, file standards, Finally, it must always be available in order to cope with workloads or exceptional situations. Rigorous and methodical, it has an analytical capacity that allows it to draw the right conclusions from incident reports.