Licensing practices of UPM patented inventions

Licensing activities of the UPM`s invention will begin after the invention got IP protection (patent/industrial design/copyright SD/new plant variety). All the R&D that has the potential to be commercialized will be supported by the university to filing for IP. After the invention got patent pending filing numbers by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MYIPO), we will start the promotion activities to approach the industry to license UPM technologies. UPM will make sure the invention securely protected before we approach the industries to prevent others from infringes the invention. If there is potential industries want to license the invention or have an interested to look into license opportunity, we will make sure the invention does the IP filing process first before the further discussion about licensing negotiation. The overall cost for filing IP processed will take into consideration in licensing fee and royalty negotiation.

Initial discussion with the industry will be brief about the invention. The inventor will not disclose the important part of the technology and NDA signing is a must. The IP status will be informed clearly before further licensing term sheets will be discussed with the industry. After the protection, Promotion and Marketing Department under Putra Science Park, UPM (formerly known as UPM Innovation and Commercialization Centre) will promote the invention through the various channels such as website innovation directory, innovation directory book, exhibition, UPM Innovation Open Day, press conference, press release, advertisement on newspaper/magazine/business directory, industry networking session thru seminar/ exhibition/ visiting and also from the inventor networking.


Article by Asrizam Esam UPM