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Was playing around with Blazor and created this site. It is a static site that has web apps written in C# instead of Javascript. Why? Because with Blazor, you can.

Next step is figuring out how I can embed Blazor apps.

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This is a great resource for anyone who wants to get started with C# and .NET Core.

Link: Hundreds of practical ASP.NET Core samples to learn the fundamentals

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The most convenient way it seems to get .NET Core 3.0 installed on a Windows PC, is to download the free Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community edition. Installing Visual Studio 2019 will also install .NET Core 3.0 and after the installation is done, you can start playing around with it.

If you want to download the SDK or just the runtime separately, you can find them here.

To check if you already have .NET Core 3.0 installed, you can pull up a Command Prompt and run the dotnet --version command.

Lastly, if you're trying to learn ASP.NET Core like I am, this recommended learning path seems to be a good starting point.

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Iris Classon wrote a good lengthy post about the history of .NET web development and how it all lead to the development of the .NET Core that we have today. As someone who doesn't get to work as much on the web dev side of things, this was a very informative read for me. I think it is a good read for any .NET developer, so check out her post by following the link below.

ASP.NET Core and .NET Core and the Web Development Stack Timeline

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Harder than it needs to be. Or maybe I was just so used to how easy it was to use with .NET Standard apps/projects. Either way I got it to work using this code.


I was going to copy the code over to here but it turns out I do not have the time to figure out how to write code on So you get a picture instead.

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