A Story Of Failure

Last year I made a rather audacious New Year's Resolution: to write a song a day in 2018. I will now always remember 2018 as the year I failed to write a song a day. Or maybe I should remember it as the year that I bravely aspired to write a song a day?

I haven't given any thoughts to New Year's Resolutions this year. I've sort of come around to the existential point of view that I'm really just a piece of driftwood on the ocean that is my life. I never really believed in free will. Free will just seems like the explanation we give to the thing we were going to do anyways. I don't have any agency over myself, my outcomes. So why bother?

I did manage to write about 20 songs in 2018, which you can view on my song website. That's about 5% of the way towards my goal.

Maybe I can do something like write a song a day for the first week of every month, then take the rest of the month off. I don't know. Like I said in the other post, song a week is really “wait 5 days, then write a song in a day”.

I mean, why am I so obsessed with songwriting anyways? To speak again of existentialism, maybe I see my creative output as my only futile thrusts against the all encompassing absurd. Maybe I'm just a fanboy that obsesses over music and feels compelled to add to the great corpus of musical works. I am Sisyphus and music is my rock (n roll).