#AudioMo is a month long audio challenge that takes part in June. Record an audio a day, tweet the link using #AudioMo.

We are into day 3 of #AudioMo and wow what a start by all of you.

It is great to hear some new voices, also great to hear some familiar voices, sad not to hear some voices.

Hopefully you are using the hashtag to keep a look out for each other on Twitter. This is the reason we keep coming back every year, and have for the last 10 years, simply to connect people.

Thank you to all taking part for sharing your #AudioMo

#AudioMo has been running for 10 years now. You can imagine over the years we have been on almost every social media platform that there is. This year we decided to scale back and focus just on the place where #AudioMo is shared.

We have culled our accounts on every other social media platform apart from Twitter and Telegram. You can find use here on Twitter AudioMo Twitter and you can find us here on Telegram AudioMo Telegram

We had moved our self hosted WordPress site to Medium, but have decided to close our Medium account. Medium has a history of culling accounts with no warning, they also cut developers access to API without warning. This is why we are now using

We at #AudioMo want to follow our founders ideals by supporting open source and developers. Also we want to follow his more privacy focused way of working.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you have any questions please direct them to our Twitter profile or ask us in Telegram. You can also ask our founder direct, you can find him here Ernmander

Looking forward to sharing the 10th year of #AudioMo with you in a few days.

2019 will be the 10th year that #AudioMo will have been run over Twitter. With this in mind it’s time to streamline the way we communicate.

We are thinking of moving the blog to, here. 10 years of paying for full web hosting for a yearly month long audio challenge didn’t make sense anymore.

We have closed the Facebook page and Facebook group and Instagram account. The reason for this is purely down to Facebook being gung-ho with peoples privacy.

We have set up an #AudioMo group in Telegram. Telegram is a more privacy focused platform and is more in line with our ethos. Feel free to join the Telegram #AudioMo group at Telegram AudioMo Group

We are and will always be on Twitter.

#AudioMo will continue as long as people want to take part.

Crazy to think that Saturday 1st June is the 10th year of the #AudioMo challenge.

Currently we are trying out new homes for the blog that accompanies #AudioMo. For now it is on Medium, but we would like to be on a place that respects privacy and is doing good.

Keep you posted.

All the best Ernie.

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