Where to find us

#AudioMo has been running for 10 years now. You can imagine over the years we have been on almost every social media platform that there is. This year we decided to scale back and focus just on the place where #AudioMo is shared.

We have culled our accounts on every other social media platform apart from Twitter and Telegram. You can find use here on Twitter AudioMo Twitter and you can find us here on Telegram AudioMo Telegram

We had moved our self hosted WordPress site to Medium, but have decided to close our Medium account. Medium has a history of culling accounts with no warning, they also cut developers access to API without warning. This is why we are now using write.as.

We at #AudioMo want to follow our founders ideals by supporting open source and developers. Also we want to follow his more privacy focused way of working.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you have any questions please direct them to our Twitter profile or ask us in Telegram. You can also ask our founder direct, you can find him here Ernmander

Looking forward to sharing the 10th year of #AudioMo with you in a few days.