Just an ordinary economist who loves leatherworking, photography and video. Love cooking. Eating I love even more. I travel. I drink as well

just want to comment Justin Bieber and his dreadlocks hairstile which has brought him negative comments.

Are dreadlock racist?! NO they are not.

Let me tell you why...

I’m a Slav, of Indo-Aryan heritage. White. OK, maybe a bit of a gypsy looks, like a garbage dump I look...

My father is a pure Aryan, blonde with blue eyes and 0 bload type... an “Übermensch” yet I’ve ended up as a lowlife.

BUT, I’ve decided to become better than I am. To become a Stephen Chip!

Now tell me am I a racist now?

Or the people who say that the cultural appropriation is racist are racists?!

There are mentally ill people and I truly hope they search and get help. But I also hope they do NOT bully normal humans about it...

OR... every black person wearing dreadlocks is racist as they perform a cultural appropriation of MY KIND. Slavs, the lowest of low but proud and unbiased.

In the end, let the hair style be just what it is, a hair style!

Thank you for reading,

Srdan Ivan Marijan Vocanec the Count of Viskovic of Hvar (a nobelman, highborn, thoroughbred... yet a filthy Slav)

Dear Coilers, Brew! is back. After the Lent period there was no alcohol on Coil till Easter but the time has finally come to post another brew in Brew!.

I’ve chosen a Croatian craft one name Angeluš (in Northern Croatian Zagorje dialect) meaning Angel (from latin Angelus, came here as a term from the prayer Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariæ...)

Angeluś Mini Brewery will allow you to experience paradise! Located in Sveti Ivan Zelina (St. John of Zelina), the heart of Prigorje region of Croatia, it will win your heart. The small plant of this brewery creates large beers using only top quality raw materials. Angels are beings of light and purity, just like are beers that are not pasteurized, filtered and chemically treated. A heavenly experience!

Mini brewery Angeluš was founded in 2016 by Filip Devčić, an agronomist, after many years of love for beer, which dates back to his high school days when he produced the first beer in his small improvised “brewery”. These beers were regularly enjoyed by his friends. Now you can enjoy them too! Each beer from this craft brewery is a unique product that is created exclusively in a natural way from the top quality raw materials.

ANGELUŠ APA (new recipe)

STYLE: American Pale Ale (APA)

ALC VOL: 5,2%


It pours cloudy dark gold in colour with medium white head which stays relatively long leaving a generous ring and lacing.

In nose strong citrus notes. Grapefruit, lime, musk grapes in background. Very fresh and crisp.

The first sip is far from expected. There are grapefruit and other citrus flavours but it is very perfumed, that musk is much stronger than in nose and makes the overall feeling much deeper. Bitterness is too low for my taste and for the style.

Rose water opens more and more with each sip. Floral flavours are not something I value the most but it is not an off one.

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Dear Coilers, the times are dark. Winter is coming. Not that meteorological one but mental and of the economy one.

It doesn’t matter what people think about it. Is it a fraud planned by the “Elite” to reset the world, or those conspiracy theories which say that the virus was natural born/mutated and the threat is real. Everyone will agree that the aftermath is devastating. Economy in ruins and people with heaps of mental issues.

Mental health is as important as physical health, no doubt about it.

Even those crooks from the WHO give this definition of health:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

It is clear that their moves in last year+ were all about ruining world’s health.

There was NEVER the time with the absence of all deseases. Never will be. Yet people were more or less healthy. These days rare are healthy, yet rare (really) have problems caused by the “invisible enemy”.

One of the places of the highest importance for mental health are bars. Bars are there as a prevention. Who attends bars cannot attend psychiatric institutions in the same time.

To ensure people getting ill, governments closed bars and restaurants. They wanted to ensure the continuation of the pandemic, so they had to find the way for their citizens not to be healthy as the invisible enemy failed to deliver...

In Croatia, our nazi government closed bars, restaurants and gyms(?!) to make sure people are disabled to take care of their, both, physical and mental health. But Croats, insane as we are, started being too grumpy so the traitors decided to semi allow those institutions.

You can do sports but you CANNOT use dressing rooms, you can go to bars but you CANNOT enter them but sit on terraces only.

Now look at this, the moment of writing this post (I’m in a warm bar watching PSG:Nantes)...

Imagine sitting outside, the rain just stopped, wind blowing, frozen penguins falling from the sky... best way to catch some respiratory disease 🦠.

I was on my way home and decided to have a coffee so stopped near the bar I’ve never attended before. (BTW going for a coffee in Croatia means having a beer, wine, whisky,... sometimes a coffee too)

I’ve came to the front door and asked the bartender were they open and he said they were. I’ve said I’d have Karlovačko and he said it’s coming right away.

After a second he told me to come in, it’s Sunday so probably no Gestapo rumbling the area to catch the owtlaws.

It is half past 9 now, bars are allowed to be open till 10 (SARS-Cov2 aparently spreads after 10pm) so officially the bar works for just a half an hour more before it closes.

I’ve asked a waiter can I have another one?! He said ofcourse, be here as long as you want, you are my second guest today (?!), the weather is awful and nobody came the whole day.

You are my man, I’ve said, ordered another one and at the moment I’m enjoying being an outlaw as well as being a Croat as we will rather die than obey idiotic orders by the crooks we elect every 4 years.

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom – Thomas Jefferson

Thank you for reading,


Dear Coilers, I’m not a person with mental illness (at least I think I’m not) but as this COVID-19 nonsense persistently refuses to end, I think I’m becoming aware of what depression could be like.

It’s been over a year now since I’ve traveled abroad. It’s awfully long time. I’m not sure how much more I’d be able to resist before I end in the institution.

It mostly isn’t the fact that I haven’t exit Croatia but the fact that the choices are unbelievably limited.

At the moment there are just few countries on our planet which don’t harass tourists. Tanzania 🇹🇿 and probably still Mexico 🇲🇽. That’s about it.

There are maybe some other too but those two are “just come and enjoy” type of paradise.

Freedom of movement, mobility rights, or the right to travel is a human rights concept encompassing the right of individuals to travel from place to place within the territory of a country, and to leave the country and return to it. The right includes not only visiting places, but changing the place where the individual resides or works.

Such a right is provided in the constitutions of numerous states, and in documents reflecting norms of international law. For example, Article 13 of theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights asserts that:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state."

"Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country."

But since 2020 our constitutional and human rights are worth less than Iranian Rial, even worth less than a word given by a Serb!

The greatest value, freedom, is just an outworn phrase from the past. From the normal times which we thought were abnormal.

I’m researching for days now, the only destination which is an option for me is Tanzania. But I’m not sure about it. Honestly, I haven’t planned visiting it in near future.

I do want to climb Kilimanjaro, poach in Serengeti and rumble around Zanzibar, I do want to eat fresh pawpaw on a sunny Dar es Salaam morning but... I donno... (OK, photo safari, not poaching)

Some will say that I live in one of the top tourist destinations country and should be thankful for all the options I have within it but that’s just an excuse from admitting the real problem we all face these days.

We are literally LOCKED. Like in prison.

Foucault was right! Everything is prison. Even if governments tell you it’s for your own protection and safety it’s still a prison! – Thomas Jefferson

Unfortunately things will not get any better soon. I will not get any better either. At least not until we get rid of every covidiot who is praising their own imprisonment.

Thanks for reading,



Travel! – Essaouira, Morocco 🇲🇦

BREW! – Heineken, a brand to avoid‼️

Greengrocers or fruit and vegetable stores are very common in Croatia. Every neighbourhood has at leat few of those and they are, together with green markets, the Place where Croats buy fresh food.

A friend’s family runs one near my place and I visit it on daily basis. I’ve snapped some shots two days ago so decided to share it with you.

Dear Coilers, unexpected situations happen all the time. Some of them unexpectedly expose what was ment to be hidden.

Nenad Bakic, a scientist, mathematician with the authority of knowledge, was one of the rare to notice it publicly....

An incredible, one of a kind, natural epidemiological experiment took place in Croatia.

It would be unethical to abolish all the Covid measures in a territory, but it happened in a Croatian county (Sisak-Moldavian) due to a series of earthquakes.

A series of lethal eartquakes, the strongest measuring 6.2 ML, claimed 7 lives and a large demage, strongly affecting some 100,000 people.

Immediately, on 28th December, thousands of volunteers from accross the country converged to the affected area.

Nobody cared for any “measures” including masks; saving lifes and property and organising life had priority. The Government abolished the prohibition on crossing counties' borders for the whole country, the measure introduced just several days earlier.

19 days afterwards there is not even an uptick in registered cases, even though the testing was escalated due to an explosion of social contacts...

In Denmark, for e.g. strict lockdown did not seem to work any better than more reasonable measures:

There are many examples of the same fact. Countries with strict lockdowns raising in numbers yet places with slight or no measures decreasing in numbers.

Croatia has cases down 81% despite some of the least strongest measures in EU.

The measures are mandatory masks within public transport and stores (nobody controls it, I myself mostly don’t wear mask in them) as well as bars and restaurants closed. (Hotel bars/restaurants are not closed and are serving guests and “guests”)...

But the best example is Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country which is (like Canada 🙃) not even a real country anyway. The craziest country with arguably the kindest people in Europe.

They are not controlling implementation of the measures at all, they don’t have money for genetic therapy (called m-RNA vaccine) they o some tests if they can afford test kits... their bars and restaurants are packed with people... I guess you think they have enormous increase in cases and they die in thousands?!

Yeah, as if!

Let’s compare them to Germany in which, one can make a step out of their tombs to walk a dog and pick its poo only.

The measures simply do not work nor are here for the care of people’s health nor to save lives.

Baa baa baaaaa!

Thanks for reading,


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Dear Coilers, some time passed since the main shock and the things are slowly calming.

I don’t mean the Earth. It is still shaking on daily basis. Aftershocks from middle 2 to high 4, almost 5 Richter are going to be part of the everyday life for some time.

Earthquakes of this power are known for the aftershocks lasting for even 12 months or longer. But many less strong shocks are not a bad thing as it decreases the probability of another very strong earthquake. It is very unpleasant thou.

The Banovina region, especially the town of Petrinja and surrounding towns and villages is mostly a post apocalyptic scenery. As well, that part is one of the poorest parts of Croatia, heavily damaged in the War for Independence during 1990s and never properly developed since then.

All major industries are closed and the economy of the area is highly dependent on the money sent from the Central State. One of the many reasons why the Stare doesn’t care much about the development of the area is the number of national minorities (mostly Serbs) living there. But let’s forget about the nationalism (at least for now).

The first respond was fairly good, far from perfect thou, but satisfying.

Many chefs and cooks from all over Croatia came to the place and started preparing meals for those in need. As the restaurants are closed due to lockdown, they’ve improvised kitchens on sight and started doing what they do best.

Even an improvised pizzeria was established in a closed cafe bar making around 400 pizzas daily from the ingredients donated by the suppliers from Italy. The last news I had was that there is enough flour for the longer time period but they are in lack of ham and cheese. That’s why they have limited daily production to 400.

As well, dear people from the Coil and XRP Community have donated XRP to the fund I’ve made for the cause.

At the moment there are 305,19 USD and 200 XRP in the fund.

This way I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have donated, some of whom are anonymous so I cannot thank them personally.

On Saturday, friends of mine will go there and take the help we collected in the neighbourhood and will ask on sight what things are needed/essential so we can get them in the next round of help.

This XRP fund will be used for some of the future rounds of help and I will keep informing you about it.

Thank you for reading,