Brew! Craft beer pt. 2

Dear Coilers, lets continue with Craft Beer essay Of which Part 1 was the first article in 14 days series for Coil Blogging Blitz.

The United States is the country which invests in inovation and development of hops more than any other country. There are several institutes which develop and cross breed different hops sorts to get new sorts with specific aromas, bitterness and taste. America has over 100 sorts of hop which made APA (American pale ale) and IPA (India pale ale) so recognizable and were protagonists styles which made craft beers popular throughout the world.

While pale ale can be traced to the 17th century Britain, IPA was first mentioned in the 19th century when British ships were loaded with beer to take it to colonial India. As the trip took long days in various weather conditions, brewers started making beer with higher alcohol percentage and were additionaly hopping it to preserve it bring fresh and “healthy” beer to the destination. Today’s synonym of IPA is American IPA as it is hopped with american hop sorts.

Beer drinking culture is nothing new but in last 5-10 years many of the consumers have learnt more than the basics they knew before the craft movement became strong. Some of the beer lovers can get bachelor degree in brewing and many are on the masters course. There are those who avoid bars which don’t serve crafts and it became normal thing within the subculture. When they go for a beer they go for craft, nothing else. Craft revolution has raised new generation of consumers who are well informed and are demanding even more.

Every beer noob thinks that craft beer has to be bitter and heavy and that brewers put fruit in them. The most widespread misunderstanding is that lager beer can’t be craft beer as big breweries made it to common and commercial. The truth is that any style of beer can come under craft label but lagers are less brewed as crafts.


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