All manner of my sundry and various household crap managed to somehow get itself delivered to me, this morning. Not a karmic reference. Nor divine intervention. Delivery guy certainly earned his dollars, as well as some major sweat equity, to boot. My stairs don't play around that way, for sure. Now that universal masking mandates are lurking back on my immediate horizon again, I can keep my invisibility for a little longer. Speech/Language Therapy came by, too. Yet more memory work. For adulting – only vastly pureeed and pared down. For simplification, as well as for rememberance purposes. Since I'm not usually the universe's most patient person, it's also not too far of a stretch into this kind of snore-scale material, before I'm very nearly jumping out from underneath my own skin out of sheer irritation and frustration. Suddenly, there's an abundance of mostly busy work that still has to be completed. “Study the twelve words listed below. Look for similarities”. That kind of a word picture. That. Apparently, putting 'this' back together again with 'that' will all take some more time. I've rarely viewed time as being my best friend. So, I'll just have to sit back and take in an unpleasant, yet entirely necessary dose of STFU. With multiple college degrees, I've endured my fair share of assigned and suggested reading. Zero novelty in that.

Physically, no particular workouts in mind. My favorite fall-back is some fairly straightforward stretches. I'm feeling both restless and peevish. Likely an unwanted side effect of my being caged up like a cat for far, far longer than is considered to be good for me. Consequences of living in hiding, in effect. I'm not the one needing constantly revised, court ordered behavior modifications, but what else can I tell you. Or do?. My writing has become somewhat of an escape hatch for me at the moment.

Not considered how, why and when writing has historically been a part of my life. Yet, it has. In so many, different, contrasting forms and forums. Copywriting for broadcasting (radio) media. Publication in nationwide print media. Grant application writing. Graduate school research thesis editing in electronic engineering, and in health sciences. Shannon's Theory of Chaotic Crypotography, contrasted with Discursive Analysis. Wrote online articles on what was once the sister website of Salon. Now's a far cry. Gotta start over again somehow and somewhere, right?.