Energy. Static, at this moment. Scented soy candles flickering gently on the stronger gusts of a brewing mid-Summer's thunderstorm breeze. Blinds purposefully slid shut. Rare for me, “Zoom” call, today. Slightly claustrophobic, if you ask me. Works perfectly well in one-on-one discussions, but for “groupthink”, that format's a bit much. Adopted a new tactic for addressing my 06:39 waking up panic attacks. Five second countdown before my feet absolutely have to hit my bedroom floor, and I get myself and my mind, moving. No contest. Followed by a full-on, 90 minute workout, inasmuch as every fiber of my being screams otherwise. All being re-balanced, I typically will then fast until early afternoon. Water, hot tea, or ORS, if needed.

Afterwards, if I'm feeling sufficiently self-motivated, I'll cue one of my daily music playlists. So it goes. Today: “Danger Zone”: Kenny Loggins from the movie soundtrack for “Top Gun” which was pretty pertinent to me, years ago, because at that time in my young, impressionable life, I lived adjacent to an Air Force Base, and my best friend happened to be the then Base Commander's daughter. Back then, I was also preparing to sign myself up for early entry into the military. No Tom Cruise look-a-like pilots parading themselves around on that base's flight-line (unfortunately).