Whilst I found my half awake self feeding my hungry critters, this sleepy Friday a.m. I froze mid-task. My toes touched down tentatively on about an inch of water, saturating my dining room floor. Helpful. Not rocket science to recognize that whenever you encounter water exactly where you're not anticipating there to be water, it's usually not a comforting sign. As an added bonus, that same water smelled like the type of nasty, putrified liquefaction that's been lurking around for quite sometime during a steamy Summer's season. Sweet, decomposition. W-T-Actual-F?. My critters stared back at me blankly, now blissfully busying themselves with a rapid-onset breakfast feeding frenzy. Also, unhelpful. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the double cupboard that's intended to house my washer/dryer combo, was indeed bubbling with water. Which was a slightly curious revealation to me because I don't presently have a washer/dryer set even hooked up in there at the moment (my washer's scheduled to be delivered next week). Yet, the tray that the washer would typically sit in, was filled to the brim. In addition, there was a copious amount of related seepage oozing deliberately into the surrounding cupboard space. Snap.

Now, my shaken-brain-inflicted self had already previously decided that this cupboard could act as an extremely convenient but very temporary storage space real estate for the ridiculous and extensive “pile” of cardboard and packaging leftover from my heavy indulgence with flat-pack furniture. All of that decaying debris was now on the verge of fermenting itself into a soup fit to rival a Halloween cauldron.

Fortunately for me, I suppose, and something that 'some' people fail to understand about me, is that I don't think that I was was born with an “-ick” gene. A cussing words one, well, yes, now how could you possibly tell that?. Yet, my handling all types of bodily fluids and contents, human detritus, observing surgical procedures, and working on the frontlines of healthcare, I find to be entirely and absolutely fascinating and extraordinarily rewarding. If I wasn't currently so far outside of my typical performance baseline, and also slumped downwards in my executive functioning, that's where I'd be now. Except, well, here we are. Slopping it, with the cardboard zombies.

My landlord received a txt from me that might have been akin to sustaining a king-hit directly in the sunkissed face on such a beautiful day. Water leak. Unknown origin. Send site manager. Now. Please. Although, neither of them have shown up here since, by the way. They may well have momentarily paused and simply thought, “No, she can handle it. She's well accustomed to putting out proverbial fires. “Even” and especially on a Friday.” Or, I was being too cool, calm, and collected, and didn't employ enough eyebrow-raisng expletives.

Cupboard gradually got remediated. An all day time sucker. If there's something that working in healthcare ingrains in you: it's the how's, why's and where's of santization and disinfection. That cupboard will not be the same again.

Meanwhile, who hijacked my playlist?.