Pictures of Jesus – Where Do You See Them

While going to a community gathering as of late with a companion, I saw a man behind us in the back line who had since a long time ago, tangled hair. His facial hair and mustache were wild and required a decent trim, yet he streaked the most delightful grin I had at any point seen. With a tap on my correct shoulder, my companion stood out enough to be noticed. “Quit gazing,” was all he said.

I was shocked. I didn't understand that I had been gazing.

Turning around to the front of the congregation, I heard the minister talking, however I wasn't tuning in.

Still distracted by considerations of him – I ended up reasoning...

“I keep thinking about whether that is what Jesus looked like?”

We picture pictures of Jesus with smooth, brushed out hair, a spotless face with a managed facial hair growth and mustache. Yet, did he truly resemble that by any means?

Imagine a scenario where our photos of Jesus are largely off-base

Without shampoos, conditioners, facial hair clippers, antiperspirant... is it safe to say that he was simply one more woodworker with earth under his fingernails that possessed an aroma like grimy garments and personal stench?

Did he have cuts and scratches on his hands? Scabs on his arms from wounds while working at his specialty?

Do our pictures of Jesus incorporate an exhausted craftsman who had quite recently worked extended periods without any breaks? No associations to request reasonable wages or customary hours? Is it accurate to say that he was essentially “Joseph's child” to the individuals who strolled earth with him before his service started?