rather than asking why, i should find the answer of how i should've not run in a circle of why this, why that i should stop myself from blaming anything, or worse my own self

isn't it better to figure out how to resolve this to calm down the noises in head to find myself again

if i do that, isn't everything gonna be okay again?

this thought about why or how, i got it from my friend's story. she's in the midst of finding an answer to her problem. when i suggested her to write down everything she wanna tell from her heart and mind, suddenly she said “i should've looked for the answer of how to solve this rather than asked why did they do that to me”. welp, it hit me hard. so, i thanked her for reminding me too. she's right, it will be much better if we ask ourselves how to this and how to that, to get out from the problem. asking why is good too, but sometimes... “why” itself can lead us to be overthinking and ends up we blaming ourselvesㅡ which is not good, eh. we just run in a circle with no exit door. so, yeah. have a good day, everyone! hope you find your problem solving~

illustrated by: me

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life, like a wrinkled cloth once you pull out the thread carelessly it's gonna shrink more

but, if you find the entanglement of the thread and straighten it carefully the cloth will be neat as before

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will my name be forgotten like how i forget their names imagine your name, your existence vanish from people's memories, one day

scary, yet a relief want people to remember me but i hate them to know me

selfish selfish selfish just an inherently destructive behaviour for being 'human', or not

illustrated by: me

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either you get lost or you're sailing out to space to catch a star or two

you stare at lives from far but slowly losing ground to unknown place makin' an illusion in unconquerable void

hey lost astronaut, here us, the yacht in this endless space come here and let's find your way back home

all the trust and faith have been regained and sadness dies before you feel the cold your sights begin to see the light

you did great something i always wanna say to you, so welcome home, O brave

for someone who always assures us that we're not alone, 박제형, you are not alone too. so here, welcome home

illustrated by: me

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I became good at pretending. I became so good that after a while the lines blurred between my truth and fiction. And sometimes, when I did a really good job of pretending, I even fooled myself.

Ruta Sepetys

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funny... it's either the world being harsh to you, or you making your own satire about the world

here here, just close your eyes for a moment spring's in front of your eyes replacing bad winter with flowers erasing all dark skies

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in this vast world i feel empty slowly i become eyeless my head's spinning, breathless i curl up, one with gravity

even if you hear me screaming will you come back again? please don't say such a thing you don't know how hurt your words to me


no always no tomorrow no future please keep it in yourself you just hurt me more

og date: 190127 #poemoftheday #poembynabi

humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less

C.S Lewis

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