been awhile

wah... it's been 10 days since my last post. and it was just a photo haha.. how's life? mine is awful.

i've been trying to understand people, especially the closest ones. but seems like no one understand me, or at least try to. i don't know why people around me keep pointing their fingers at my business, my matters, my life.

“do this” “do that” “this is for the best” “stop over thinking! you should endure this” “they know what's the best for you obviously” “you should've been grateful tho” “shouldn't you do that instead?”

wait, no? my head feels like gonna explode, too much controlling! but guess what?

i always lost the debate, lost on emphasizing my opinion. hahahahaha...... ha.... so yeah, i don't know anymore. i can't write a poem, i can't take a single photo, i'm sleepless due to stress. sigh....

whoever read this, i hope you have a nice day. i hope you be happy even for the smallest thing. i wish for myself too, of course. fighting!