my dearest fluff ball, nonu

the time i've been told that you've already closed your tiny pretty eyes forever.... you slept so well, safe and sound met The Creator, left me behind

i couldn't help but cry it's sunny day but my world's raining it should've been a bright day but i'm mourning repeating myself, i'm sorry... i'm sorry...

i should've hugged you tighter last night i should've hold you in my arm i should've given you good night kiss i should've patted you more i should've told you, 'momma love you so much'

nonu... jeon nonu, my fluff ball... momma love you so much..... i'm sorry.... that i was lack of when you were still with me the times i was unaware about you, baby

now, rest well sleep tight, my fluff ball... let's meet and play again someday, okay? thank you for your bright, lovely, cute self thank you for coming to my life even for a short time

i love you i love you so much, nonu

Jeon Nonu Sep '19 – Sep '20