why or how

rather than asking why, i should find the answer of how i should've not run in a circle of why this, why that i should stop myself from blaming anything, or worse my own self

isn't it better to figure out how to resolve this to calm down the noises in head to find myself again

if i do that, isn't everything gonna be okay again?

this thought about why or how, i got it from my friend's story. she's in the midst of finding an answer to her problem. when i suggested her to write down everything she wanna tell from her heart and mind, suddenly she said “i should've looked for the answer of how to solve this rather than asked why did they do that to me”. welp, it hit me hard. so, i thanked her for reminding me too. she's right, it will be much better if we ask ourselves how to this and how to that, to get out from the problem. asking why is good too, but sometimes... “why” itself can lead us to be overthinking and ends up we blaming ourselvesㅡ which is not good, eh. we just run in a circle with no exit door. so, yeah. have a good day, everyone! hope you find your problem solving~

illustrated by: me

#poemoftheday #poembynabi