Cucumbers with Yogurt & Mint

Pretty much consistently I Cucumbers ) eat in light of my vitality, however I don't leave that alone its finish. I take what I have found out about what works best for my body and make it one stride further so as to interface with the evolving seasons!

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While there are numerous viable approaches to get more vitality and manufacture your efficiency,

I've thought that it was critical to focus on the seasons.

“Be that as it may, hold up a moment,” you state. “Aren't I expected to eat extraordinary food the entirety of the


Indeed, you are! Also, after you comprehend what nourishments work best for your body, you

should then change in accordance with fit the seasons. In the course of recent years, I've seen this as

the most ideal approach to get solid, form my profitability, and increment my vitality

, and extraordinary compared to other summer nourishments that assists with every last bit of it is cucumbers:


o Contains 90% water

o Relieves edema

o Effective diuretic

o Cleanses and filters the blood

o Helps separate protein (better absorption = more vitality!)

Cucumbers with Yogurt and Mint

4 Servings

1 Cup Yogurt

3 tb Chopped new mint

½ ts Salt

½ ts Ground cumin

1/8 ts Pepper

4 Cup Sliced, seeded and stripped cucumber

  1. Consolidate all fixings (aside from cucumbers) in a bowl

  2. Mix well.

  3. Include cucumbers; throw tenderly to cover.

  4. Spread and chill 30 minutes.

  5. Appreciate!