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Best Cyber Monday Blender Deals

Do you know what is your best chance to upgrade or replace a kitchen blender?


Best Cyber Monday deals on blenders and food processors are incredible annual opportunities for this purpose. You can take advantage of sizable discounts and mouth-watering deals. Make sure that you don't miss this chance to save cash and choose from of a range of great deals on blenders and food processors.

Here are some best Black Friday deals on blenders. We handpicked them especially for you.

And these are great Black Friday deals on blenders for smoothies:

If you're looking for handheld immersion blenders, here are some fantastic Black Friday deals.

Why Do These Black Friday Deals Even Matter?

Without any question, blenders are far superior to the older ways of cooking and this has made a blender one of the essential kitchen appliances of modern times.

If you've decided to buy a new blender, or if you already own a blender but have been wanting to upgrade to a better or newer model, then watch out for some incredible best Black Friday deals on blender.

It's interesting how the shopping festival called Black Friday has grown into such a powerful sales boosting event. Anyone who sells stuff now takes advantage of this super shopping holiday to boost profits.

On 27th November 2020, millions of avid shoppers will rush to stores and e-commerce websites in search of these deals. Sellers offer unbelievable discounts to rope in buyers for Black Friday deals on blenders.

During Black Friday promotions, it's not unusual to find discounts of 10% to 50% on full price that you might expect to pay regularly.

The good news is that these blender deals aren't limited to only lesser known models or brands. Even the best blender brands like Breville, Braun, Blendtec and Vitamix participate in Black Friday deals.

Among the most popular blenders this year will be premium models like Vitamix Pro 750 series and the Breville Fresh and Furious.

At first glance it might seem that you get greatest value from entry level or mid-range blenders during such offers. But actually it's the premium blenders where you'll receive the best value during Black Friday deals. This is because with the steep discounts you will be able to get them at almost what a mid-range device costs.

The feature-rich best blenders and food processors typically cost hundreds of dollars. But on Black Friday deals the manufacturers will slash the price by almost half, which brings it well within the budget of most buyers!

So if you're watchful and monitor these deals, you'll stand a good chance to win a high-end blender for slightly more than the cost of an entry level model.

If you haven't yet started using a kitchen blender but have been thinking about making the move, best Black Friday deals on blenders are a great chance to take the plunge.

In the list below you'll find the very best brands and models of blenders, many of which are now on offer at bargain basement prices as Black Friday deals.

Which buyers gain most from Black Friday blender deals?

There are different types of shoppers and each will find value in special offers during the annual shopping festival.

1. Those who already use blenders and have been thinking about how to replace or upgrade their appliances can do it without spending too much with Black Friday deals.

2. Others who want to save money by stocking up on spare components and replacement parts for food processors can take advantage of generous discounts.

3. Families buying (or replacing) blenders for many members at once will find the lower prices during Black Friday deals of great saving potential.

4. People planning to buy a mid-range blender may discover that they can now afford a premium model without paying much more.

Why should such a collection of best Black Friday deals on blenders be useful?

If you've struggled to find deals on Black Friday, you'll already know that it isn't easy.

Some blender models are available all year round for discounted rates. Others only drop their price during Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday deals.

It can also be tough to differentiate the small differences between similar blender models. Unless you know what to look for, you can't appreciate these distinctions. This means you might potentially lose out on some amazing Black Friday deals on blenders.

The final good reason for this review is to showcase how you'll get a better deal when you purchase a premium blender during Black Friday deals. It saves you more money and gets you a bigger bang for your buck than by choosing a lower price model.

Our goal with this overview is to make it easier and more reliable to uncover the best Black Friday deals on blenders.

The table here lists the best choices for deals on blenders and food processors for Black Friday.

Is a Blender/Food Processor Combo a Good Deal?

The Cuisinart combo blender and food processor is a great kitchen appliance. But before buying one, here are some important factors to consider. Maximizing the value of each of them can deliver the most effective blending experience.

1. Motor Power

A blender that is driven by a powerful motor has several advantages over others. The strong blade action will make blending simpler, faster and easier. It doesn't matter if you use the blender/food processor to knead dough, blend produce or crush ice. A stronger motor will help do this better.

The Cuisinart combo blender and food processor features a motor with 700 watts power. This is adequate for most blending tasks. Weak motors have to work harder to achieve the same outcome. It leads to earlier burn out and reduced machine life.

2. Strong Blades

Dull or weak blades in a blender could lead to less effective pulping of produce. Durability is an important factor in choosing a blender. So in addition to motor power, having sturdy and sharp blades is a desirable thing. The Cuisinart food processor plus blender is equipped with very good quality blades.

Another problem is that blades might become stuck midway while blending. This is a nuisance, because you'll have to scoop out the contents before clearing chunks of food and then restart the process. These situations are rare with the Cuisinart blender.

3. Speed Options

A blender or food processor with a choice of different speed settings and blending functions is helpful. Pre-programmed functions help you quickly and easily deal with blending tasks without having to adjust settings each time.

The good food processor / blenders have at least 4 speed settings. This is adequate to manage most kitchen tasks like chopping, shredding, slicking and mixing. The Cuisinart blender / food processor offers 4 options for adjusting speed, and comes with pre-programmed functions for speedy operation.

4. Size

Big blenders and food processors crowd the limited space on smaller kitchen countertops. This forces you to store it away in a cupboard or closet. When you need to use the blender, you'll have to get it out each time.

The Cuisinart blender food processor, being compact and small, is convenient to keep outside.

5. Accessories

Add-ons make it quick and convenient to tackle specific blending tasks. However, even the best accessories won't matter if the blender itself isn't of good quality. The Cuisinart blender food processor has a couple of extras that make blending more fun.

6. Safety

There's always the danger of accidents involving spillage or injury when you use a blender and food processor. The Cuisinart blender food processor is a very safe device and comes with several built-in protective features to lower the risk of accidents.

Why Do People Love The Braun Hand Blender?

For many reasons, the Braun hand blender is liked and cherished by millions of users from all around the globe. Here are just 7 of these reasons for the popularity of this delightful appliance.

1. Quick and Easy to Puree

The Braun hand blender makes is quick and easy to puree, blend and whip food into sauces and salsas. An immersion blender is typically used to quickly blend puree for cooking.

When your hand blender has a powerful motor (and the Braun hand blender does), it will effortlessly shred and crush food into a smooth pulp. The motor drives a shaft which connects to the blender blades.

As it rotates rapidly, the blades set up a vortex that sucks food and passes it through the blades. The force crushes it into a silky smooth paste quickly.

2. Simple to Operate

An immersion blender is generally designed to be easy to operate single handed. If you're holding a pot or vessel in one hand and must blend with the other, a Braun hand blender makes it easy and comfortable.

The ergonomic design has placed buttons and controls in a place where they are easy to reach even if your hands a tiny or your fingers short. So you can whip and blend with one hand, reaching the various buttons without straining or stretching.

Another nice design element is how the handle fits comfortably into smaller hands. It is light enough to be wielded without fatigue or struggle.

3. It's Wand Can Be Detached

The Braun hand blender has a wand that can be detached from the hand held unit. This makes it easy to clean up after you've finished blending.

In few other models of immersion blenders, the wand is permanently fixed to the handle. To clean the wand, you are forced to immerse it into water. If you're careless and plunge it in too deep, you could damage the motor.

Most parts of the Braun hand blender are dishwasher friendly. Cleaning up after use involves simply popping the blender into the washer. Other parts may be wiped down conveniently with a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

4. It's Durable

When it comes to manufacturing hand held blenders, the models made from sturdy materials like stainless steel are better. This is because they are heat resistant and can withstand rigorous use and handling. Also, they are light and easier to handle.

Plastic components may be cheaper to make. However, they may warp under heat and are more prone to breakage. In the long term, the cost you save by getting a cheaper plastic hand blender will be lost by repairs and replacement expenses.

5. Splatter-Free

Hand blending is messy. That's because there is a greater chance of your hand slipping to spray food all around. Cheaper hand blenders have large spaces in between the cage bars, allowing food to splatter while blending.

The Braun hand blender is beautifully designed to be practically splatter-free. This benefit becomes obvious when blending hot foods. You'll save plenty of time in cleaning your kitchen after using the blender.

6. Range of Attachments

Many hand blenders offer an array of specialized attachments that are designed to make specific jobs easier. A chopping or whisking attachment that comes with the Braun hand blender are nice add-ons for those buyers who have diverse blending needs.

However, for regular use these attachments might seem unnecessary. A few publishers of a Braun hand blender review barely ever use them. Whisks are generally more handy, but chopper attachments may not always have a role unless you regularly make icing and want fluffier pastries.

7. Speed Settings

When your hand blender has a range of speed settings, you can run it at a speed suitable to whatever blending task you want to perform. You can also start slow and build up speed, which ensures better pulping of food.

For most everyday blending tasks, you only have to run the Braun hand blender on a low speed setting.

So there you have it. 7 reasons why the Braun hand blender is a popular favorite among users around the world.

Best Blender For Smoothies - 3 Points To Consider

Home-made smoothies are tastier and healthier than ones you order at the store. And the reason isn't hard to fathom. You control what goes into them. If you don't want to add extra sugar or unhealthy fat, you can decide to use alternatives. The choice to use healthy and tasty ingredients is entirely up to you.

To make a yummy smoothie, you'll need a good smoothie blender. The device has to have enough power to crush frozen fruit, liquify tough produce and pulverize ice cubes into powder. Only then can you enjoy a silky smooth drink. Thankfully there are many blender models available on the market to match even the most stringent demands of buyers.

How can you find the best blender for smoothies? It's easy if you keep in mind the three most vital factors to decide on a smoothie blender. While there are several other variables that go into the decision, these 3 are most important. Of course, your final choice will depend on uniquely individual things you might look for in a smoothie blender.

So think about these 3 points as general guidelines to help narrow down the field and discover the best blender for smoothies.

Blender Power

The best blender for smoothie must be powered by a high energy motor. This is what determines the results of blending tough fibrous veggies, frozen fruit or ice chunks. If you use a weaker blender, expect lumps and stringy consistency in your drink.

Power settings for smoothie blenders range between 200 and 1500 watts. Even low power blenders can tackle ice cubes, but will strain much more and take longer to do a poorer job of pulverizing ice cubes. The wear and tear on your blender will be greater, reducing the lifespan of the kitchen appliance. Your smoothie will also not taste quite as nice.

Of the various factors to keep in mind while selecting the best blender for smoothies, blending power comes at the top of your list. Everything else being equal, a more powerful machine is better.

Smoothie blenders have motors that are based on an interesting design of a coil that spins within an electromagnet. The watts rating of power is what determines how fast this spinning movement will be. A smoothie blender of at least 600 watts power is the minimum you'll require.

Be particularly careful to check to see that the blender can effectively crush ice. A few blenders cannot handle ice well.

Features of Blenders

Blenders come with an assortment of functions and speed settings that are pre-set to be activated at the push of a button. You can optimize blending to the ingredients and type of blender task you've set. Look for a smoothie blender with a choice of at least 3 speed settings.

Pulse action blending helps turn out perfect smoothies. If you add ingredients along the way, a lid with a feeding chute is helpful.

Blender Pricing

Price is an important factor in deciding the perfect blender for smoothies. Top line blenders are more expensive but offer more features and convenience. But you can get a very good blender at modest prices by overlooking these frills and add-ons.

Price of a smoothie blender reflects the brand's reputation, power of the motor, design and durability, and longevity of the appliance. If you just want an inexpensive blender for smoothies, you can get one for a low price. More advanced and versatile blenders cost more and offer a wider array of features and benefits in exchange.

You can mix and match until you hit upon your perfect combination for the best blender for smoothies.

Are Blendtec blenders too costly to be worth buying?

What's the price of a Blendtec blender?

You'll get curious to know once you've seen one of the impressive “Will this blend?” commercials in which a talkative host pops in ridiculous items into the blender – including an Apple iPhone!

And to your amazement, this beast of a blender pulverizes it effortlessly. That's when you begin wondering if you could possibly afford it – and ask the question. Well, the answer varies by model. There's a range of Blendtec blender models with prices going from $250 to $399, or even higher.

Top selling models include premium blenders like the Blendtec Designer series (which are more expensive) as well as the more functional devices that are priced around $250, or even lesser when you find a discounted rate offered by online retailers like Amazon.

For years, one of the most popular Blendtec blender models has been the Total Classic Original. This costs around $250 (with discount deals and coupons, you could save even more) and can be ordered online from retail websites like Amazon or Walmart.

While most Blendtec blender reviews sing the praises of this amazing kitchen companion, a few skeptics wonder if this is really worth the asking price. After all, there are cheaper options in the blender market. What would make the Blendtec blender worth a premium price?

Well, there's some rationale to that logic. Sometimes, if you're stuck with a small budget for buying a blender, you'll find it hard to justify spending much more to get a Blendtec.

For such situations, there are certainly more affordable blenders that offer good value for your money, even if they aren't quite as powerful as a Blendtec blender.

If you're looking for a kitchen appliance to help you blend and whip, puree and chop, and tackle a diverse array of cooking tasks for you, then you should be willing to invest a little more into one – because it will not be cheap. And yet, you'll get much more in value from your purchase.

A few excellent choices remain when it comes to selecting a countertop blender that's stylish, sturdy and effective – like a Blendtec blender. Keep in mind that when performance and quality are what matters, the price you'll pay for it shouldn't be of primary importance.

Instead, consider other features of a high-end blender that make it worth paying extra for. Here are some points to consider.

Noise: Is the Blendtec blender noisier than others? Not really. Despite being a powerful machine, it generates less noise than even weaker blenders. This is possibly because it more effortlessly pulverizes produce and crushes ice.

Speed: A Blendtec blender will get blending tasks done quicker thanks to a powerful motor. This saves a lot of time every day on cooking.

Appearance: The Blendtec blender is a beautifully designed, elegant looking kitchen countertop appliance. It is made of materials that are durable and strong while looking classy and chic.

Performance: This blender is very effective at its job. That's because of a powerful motor that drives strong blades at 28,000 RPM in a choice of 10 different speed settings. This is why a Blendtec can tackle just about anything you throw at it.

So do these advantages justify the expense of buying one?

That decision is up to you!

Before you make it, though, check out this ultimate Blendtec blender FAQ

What's Behind The Oster Blenders Magic?

Kitchens around the world are proud of their Oster blenders. Shining examples of quality, convenience and top class performance, these blenders have been popular favorites with thousands of owners right from the time the company began manufacturing them in 1924. Over almost 100 years, Oster has made several kitchen appliances. But kitchen countertop blenders are a special favorite.

Oster blenders are strong, good performers and top quality products. Together, these features have aided the brand in a relentless battle for superiority against many competing blenders like Vitamix and Blendtec. Thousands of delighted owners of Oster blenders swear by it as they joyfully juice or whip, puree or blend food in their kitchens daily.

Osterizer blenders gained such a pre-eminent position in shoppers' minds through a combination of great value delivered at a very affordable cost. It doesn't hurt that the machines are of top quality and perform very well.

Delighted owners of Oster blenders point to how versatile the appliances are, and the wide range of blending tasks they can handle with it. And as it comfortably fits household budgets, buying an Oster blender is often an easy decision.

Why Pick An Oster Blender?

Most users understand that as long as they don't need a blender to perform extra-ordinary or special tasks for them (which a Vitamix or Blendtec blender may be able to do better), an Oster blender is a great option for their kitchens.

Oster blenders have come long from when they first launched, with multiple models and types of blenders that range from traditional countertop devices to state of the art models.

An Oster blender boasts of superior speed and power that mean these little machines are excellent at crushing ice as well as pulverizing veggies and fruits. They are good choices for making sauces, smoothies and frozen drinks.

An interesting element of the design with Oster blenders is the reversible disc. This helps prevent food particles becoming trapped in the jar, leaving chunks that interfere with effective blending. The stainless steel blades are strong and very good to chop, mix or crush produce.

What Makes An Oster Blender Desirable?

There are several features behind this:

Multi-Purpose Device: Oster blenders combine the advantages of a conventional blender and a food processor. Simply change an attachment and you're good to go.

Efficient Blending: The great design and construction of an Oster blender makes it a fantastic device to blend vegetables, pulverize ice or grind nuts.

Strong Motor: Oster blenders are equipped with enough horsepower to deliver on any blending tasks you toss at it.

Wide Range: Whatever blending tasks you need to have done, there's a model best adapted to it. Make your choice.

Convenience: With their wide mouthed jars, Oster blenders are easy to clean after blending. Controls are simple. The device is easy to operate.

Durability: Constructed from quality materials, Oster blenders will last you for several years.

Most Oster blender models have reviewers delighted. However, a few negatives do exist.

What's Not Great With Oster Blenders?

  • A few models have too many speed control buttons. For the average user, this is unnecessary.
  • Control buttons crowd up the panel, and leave little room between them to clean away grime and dirt.
  • Oster blenders are noisy and if you blend early in the day when the family is asleep, this can be a problem.

By and large, however, Oster blenders are nice additions to any kitchen.