Best Blender For Smoothies - 3 Points To Consider

Home-made smoothies are tastier and healthier than ones you order at the store. And the reason isn't hard to fathom. You control what goes into them. If you don't want to add extra sugar or unhealthy fat, you can decide to use alternatives. The choice to use healthy and tasty ingredients is entirely up to you.

To make a yummy smoothie, you'll need a good smoothie blender. The device has to have enough power to crush frozen fruit, liquify tough produce and pulverize ice cubes into powder. Only then can you enjoy a silky smooth drink. Thankfully there are many blender models available on the market to match even the most stringent demands of buyers.

How can you find the best blender for smoothies? It's easy if you keep in mind the three most vital factors to decide on a smoothie blender. While there are several other variables that go into the decision, these 3 are most important. Of course, your final choice will depend on uniquely individual things you might look for in a smoothie blender.

So think about these 3 points as general guidelines to help narrow down the field and discover the best blender for smoothies.

Blender Power

The best blender for smoothie must be powered by a high energy motor. This is what determines the results of blending tough fibrous veggies, frozen fruit or ice chunks. If you use a weaker blender, expect lumps and stringy consistency in your drink.

Power settings for smoothie blenders range between 200 and 1500 watts. Even low power blenders can tackle ice cubes, but will strain much more and take longer to do a poorer job of pulverizing ice cubes. The wear and tear on your blender will be greater, reducing the lifespan of the kitchen appliance. Your smoothie will also not taste quite as nice.

Of the various factors to keep in mind while selecting the best blender for smoothies, blending power comes at the top of your list. Everything else being equal, a more powerful machine is better.

Smoothie blenders have motors that are based on an interesting design of a coil that spins within an electromagnet. The watts rating of power is what determines how fast this spinning movement will be. A smoothie blender of at least 600 watts power is the minimum you'll require.

Be particularly careful to check to see that the blender can effectively crush ice. A few blenders cannot handle ice well.

Features of Blenders

Blenders come with an assortment of functions and speed settings that are pre-set to be activated at the push of a button. You can optimize blending to the ingredients and type of blender task you've set. Look for a smoothie blender with a choice of at least 3 speed settings.

Pulse action blending helps turn out perfect smoothies. If you add ingredients along the way, a lid with a feeding chute is helpful.

Blender Pricing

Price is an important factor in deciding the perfect blender for smoothies. Top line blenders are more expensive but offer more features and convenience. But you can get a very good blender at modest prices by overlooking these frills and add-ons.

Price of a smoothie blender reflects the brand's reputation, power of the motor, design and durability, and longevity of the appliance. If you just want an inexpensive blender for smoothies, you can get one for a low price. More advanced and versatile blenders cost more and offer a wider array of features and benefits in exchange.

You can mix and match until you hit upon your perfect combination for the best blender for smoothies.