Younique Tale 14

The manufacturers of Younique's products vary, but most of lip and face products come from Oxygen. Some others—like 3D Fiber Lashes—are made in China (which is why so many fakes were introduced to the market). Some are made in Mexico, some in Italy, and some in the US.

Younique primarily joined forces with Coty to introduce its products into Brazil. Cosmetics regulations in Brazil require that the products be made in Brazil to be sold there. Now that Younique is essentially owned by Coty, it has access to manufacturing plants already located in Brazil.

Coty has been largely hands-off, except for the perfume launch. I mean, have you seen Younique's website lately? Obviously Coty is not involved. (The perfume didn't meet sales goals, by the way.)

Coty claims that Younique has bolstered its portfolio and largely helped its stock valuation, but I have my own theory of why they believe that.