big dumb college boy

don't take me seriously - i'm just a big dumb. also a college boy now?

Be sure to use these resources – including Career Services – to the max. While they are described as “free”, you are paying for them via your tuition. As an alumni, your access to Career Services continues, but at the end of a semester your access to things like class materials disappears.

Copied from Blackboard —

When will last term's courses go away? The courses in Blackboard are made available through the first six weeks of the following term. At the beginning of the 7th week of the following term, the old courses will be removed from blackboard.

Consider Playstation Plus and their “two free games” offer with your subscription.

Do you get the games if you don’t pay the subscription fee? No.

Do you keep access to these games if you stop your subscription? No.

It’s because they aren’t free – you’ve already paid for them. Playstation can afford to give you temporary digital licenses because it costs almost nothing and they can revoke your access once you stop paying.

… Kinda like college resources. My advice: print out all your class materials; take screenshots of forum posts; avoid the proprietary digital licenses of textbooks like the plague.

take what you get, and give nothing back!

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