5 actually engaging topic ideas for your persuasive speech

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Defining persuasive speeches?

In this kind of speech, you explain a particular topic and choose a stance. You have to convince a neutral audience that your stance is stronger than the opposing view. Some amazing persuasive speech topics have been mentioned later on. A good persuasive speech does not degrade the opposition; rather it explains their weakness. It is important that you remember to use analogies, quotes, and facts to make your audience empathize with your statements. You can add statistics and questions within the speech to keep it interesting.

Types of Persuasive speeches

For a factual speech, the topic is based on a particular fact and can be answered with a simple yes or no. A value-based speech is strictly opinion-based because your morals may differ from those of the opposition. A policy speech discusses an old or new policy document and states whether you agree or disagree with it. If you do not have a topic, any professional essay writer would recommend a factual or values-based speech topic because they are easier to write. You can even contact a writing website and ask them to write your whole essay for you

5 topics and what to write in them

  1. Should humanity invest in nuclear power for energy generation?
  1. Capital punishment does more harm than good

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  1. Implementation of school uniforms is wrong
  1. Online learning should be permanent
  1. Should the government forcefully implement masks?

After you have selected your topic you need to brainstorm for ideas. Your speech should be interesting throughout and based on facts. If you have completed your speech and feel like it isn’t good enough, don’t panic. Hire an online essay writing service and tell them that “I need an essay writer for me”. You have to provide them with some guidelines like the format and word count


Your persuasive speech needs to be written very well if you want a good grade. It should engage the reader from the beginning till the end. If you are given the freedom of choosing a topic, go for one that you have prior knowledge of. If you are given a topic, conduct thorough research or hire writing services to do your work for you. 

Some Extra persuasive speech topic ideas guaranteed to work

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How to create a style guide for your SEO content writers

You just need to find a legit academic and professional writer so that you can use his work for future reference as well. I followed the same approach because at first, I did not know how a perfect persuasive speech looks like. I was only able to imagine it but it changed when I received a perfectly crafted speech from a professional essay writer.

If you are also feeling to get outside help then you must as you would be investing in your future thus ultimately securing it. Allow me to share some important points with you that I learned from a perfectly written speech. The topic is the most important when it comes to writing a persuasive speech. I am writing down some persuasive speech topics ideas so that you know how it looks and how you can get help from a professional writer.

Some persuasive speech topic ideas



         It is just potentially an idea if you want to write an essay on it then your focus should be on the causes of crimes. After all, people who end up in prisons commit crimes against humanity. You can discuss how the government should respond to minor crimes. 



         In the 21st century, American Dream has become a myth where wealth is not equally divided. You can write the causes of the wealth gap, how, why, and when it started so that you can present your point of view. Write compelling arguments in favor or against and justify your position.



         Start with the end of the Cold War where America started its journey after the collapse of the Soviet Union. You can write how long it fought for equality on a global level against the threat of communism. In your speech, your main focus should be success achieved by America.



         Discuss the causes of COVID-19 and how it impacted global trade. You can also discuss trade wars between China and America where both countries were determined to gain maximum profits. Try to write some new narratives for your reader to get interesting responses. 



         First, discuss why scientists failed to predict a pandemic despite decades of research in medical sciences. Secondly, it took over a year to invent a vaccine and people died across the globe during that time. Your remaining focus in the speech should be steps to avoid the next pandemic.  



         The use of clean energy is a very hot topic these days due to environmental concerns. Your main focus should be the benefits of clean energy and how it can be generated in proficient ways.  

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