XRP Ledger domain verification

The idea of domain verification is to prove that the same entity operates a particular XRP Ledger address and a particular domain.

You may desire to verify your domain in the name of transparency, in order to become a trusted XRPL service operator.

Anyone can set any domain for their XRPL address therefore for the domain verification a two-way link between the domain operator and the address should be established.

  1. The domain should claim an ownership of the address.
  2. The address should claim an ownership by the domain.

Domain claims to own an address

Your web server should serve an xrp-ledger.toml file, available at the following URL:


The address you want to verify should be specified under the [[ACCOUNTS]] entry.

Examples of toml files:



Please read and follow the instructions described in XRPL toml

Address claims to be owned by a domain

You should set a domain for your XRPL address (which you entered under [[ACCOUNTS]] in your toml file) which should match the domain this toml file is served from.

You can set domain using Bithomp-tools, we strongly recommend to use them in offline mode, securely on an air-gapped machine.

In the offline mode you can sign a variety of transactions, transfer only signed transactions to an online computer, and submit them to the XRP Ledger network without ever exposing your secret key or mnemonic (12/24 recovery phrase of your Hardware Wallet) to malicious actors online.

To use the offline mode you must have one device to use as an offline machine (computer, raspberry Pi or an old offline smartphone) and you must have a separate device to use as an online machine (your phone or a regular computer). The phone for online machine is preferable as you can use it to scan a QR code from the offline machine instead of using the USB drive (which must be malware free) to transfer signed data to the online machine for a submission.

The offline machine must be also free of malware, should have and an encrypted disk drive, and must be physically located where untrusted people can not get access to it.

There is a nice post by Michael Raburn about how to set a domain in offline mode using bithomp-tools.

For test accounts on the mainnet you can use an online mode.


For testnet accounts use https://test.bithomp.com/tools/

By the way there is a nice post to read by @Hodor: TestNet

Some other software which also allows you to set a domain:

A verified domain on Bithomp

Examples of accounts with verified domains:




Bithomp explorer shows verified domains in the “information” block as clickable links in a green colour and a checkmark next to them.

Our system re-verifies every verified domain every 24 hours to make sure that we only show checkmark for currently two-way linked addresses to domains.

We recommend you to upload a toml file first and make sure it's valid and then to set a domain on your XRPL account, in that order your domain will be shown as verified within a minute on Bithomp, otherwise it can take up to 24 hours to get verified.

P.S.: I think our developer @IldarGumirov deserves a round of applause for implementing this!

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