Meanwhile, here in Portland, the front office of the Portland Timbers looked at Abram Goldman-Armstrong, the antifascist owner of a local pub which was in the not-to-distant past targeted for violence by Proud Boys and their fellow fascist travelers, and decided to ban him for flying the Iron Front at Providence Park. As pointed out by Zakir Khan, “[T]he Timbers were built by fans like Abe from Cider Riot allowing them to use their likeness in the Timbers original marketing campaign in 2011.” Not unrelated: if you still need proof that Andy Ngo is a fascist propagandist who stans nazis (up to and including doing nothing while the above-mentioned violent assault was planned right in front of him, other than smile about it), witness him referring to the antifascist movement from actual Nazi-era Germany from which the Iron Front comes merely as a “German paramilitary group”.

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