Over the course of 2015, I'd finally gotten around to watching The Legend of Korra as each book began dropping on Prime Video. By early November, I'd finished Book Three, with the fourth nowhere to be found. Within two years, the first three books were dropped from Prime, the fourth never having arrived at all. Recently, I discovered all four books were available on something called NickHits, which had a 7-day trial as a Prime Video channel. Having finally gotten to finish the series, I can confirm what's no secret to everyone who watched it when it aired: it's one of the best shows of the 2010s, and, really, one of the few mostly perfect shows ever. If I thought I could get it done in the remaining four days of my trial, I'd just go back and do a full series rewatch, but as that would require one entire book per day, I guess that's for some other time. For now, I guess I continue to the comics thanks to Hoopla Digital.

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