Dry November: Day 30

My final hours of sobriety; our revels now are starting. Tonight I've got a friend's birthday followed by a Christmas party, and I fully intend to have craft beer at midnight to celebrate the completion of my ascetic month.

Despite the autumn drear of some of my writing, I am hopeful, happy, and this week I've felt unusually energetic. Perhaps it actually takes a month to see the benefits of boozelessness. Though I forgot that it was Thanksgiving until the intercontinental texts arrived, I've been exceedingly grateful this month, to my family, to my partner, to my glistening new friends and the unassailable old: I've met some great people this month and had quality one-on-one time with some very dear friends.

At the start of the month, I worried that hitting a full year of unemployment might daunt me into torpor, but instead I feel invigorated, galvanized, excited for the future. I am glad and (perhaps pathetically) proud to have abstained for a month despite frequent social commitments in an unapologetically drunken city, already on its Christmas warpath.

Besides being dry, I got a lot done. Hopefully this list is not too annoying (better yet, maybe it will appear paltry compared to your November productivity). I'll post it here for posterity, as a possible source of motivation to those considering a dry month of their own, and to my future forgetful self, as a reminder of what can I can achieve on the wagon. Some of this surely would have gone unmitigated by drink, but perhaps not in such variety and volume.

All in all it has been a life-affirming month, and I owe it to all the friends who supported me, and to you, Dear Reader and Friend, for enduring my inanities. I wish you all the best for December, and maybe we can meet for a drink! ☺️

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