Most interesting facts about hair extension..

Cosmetic industry has seen many revolutionary ideas in the twenty first century. From face lift to body procedures, from cosmetic surgery to hair transplants, these services can actually change your whole personality. Hair fall is one menace we all have grappled with. Over the years, so many remedies and medications have claimed to overcome hair fall but let’s just admit it, they can’t do magic. Well, one thing that is the ultimate solution to hair fall is hair extension. Hair extensions instantly provide volume and thickness to your hair.


Yes! Like every other treatment, they offer you options too. Hair extensions are mainly of two types, Synthetic and Natural. To choose the right kind for yourself, you have to put a lot under consideration. Budget, hair type, color, volume and most importantly the amount of time that you want to keep them for.


Hair extensions are expensive. The rates may vary depending upon the area, but in all cases, they are pretty costly. The costs also depend upon the stylist, if you’re opting for the best person available for the treatment, you might have to say goodbye to a lot of money.

The Right Salon/Stylist.

Since hair extensions require special procedure. They, therefore, require an especially trained stylist. The right place where all the equipment is tested and tried is the only place where you might find the expert. The stylist will not only provide you with the best services but will also provide you testimonials. You can actually go through all the pros and cons of the hair extensions.


You want to go for hair extensions, keep one thing in mind. They demand care. In fact extensions need to be taken care of more than the natural hair. They need to be brushed more often every day, so that they don’t get tangled with the natural hair. If you’re going for synthetic hair extensions, you will have to ask your stylist about the right kind of shampoos and conditioners.

Temporary Solution.

Although the amount you have to pay for hair extensions is overwhelming but they have a very short lifetime. Experts suggest that the extensions should not be placed in the head for more than eight to twelve weeks. Some highly advanced and super expensive extensions can stay on your head for almost a year. But they are not permanent; the luxury of having a head full of hair is only for a little time.

They Can Be Damaging.

Hair extensions rely totally on natural hair. Natural hair hold extensions weight and it might cause weakening of the natural hair. Also when natural hair shed they get stuck in the extensions, and you will have to brush your hair more. The extra pressure can be disastrous for your natural hair which will ultimately result in more hair fall.

Not Everyone Can Have Hair Extensions.

Unfortunately, hair extensions cannot be a solution for everyone. People who have extra thin hair or shed more than 100 hairs a day are not recommended to get hair extensions. Hair extensions can only cover a minor hair fall.

Look Out For Your Scalp.

People with infections on their scalp should never get extensions. The use of chemicals in the process can cause more harm to the scalp. Your scalp is very important, even more important than the hair. Because the hair grows out of the scalp and an infectious scalp can cause hair fall, breakage of hair and split ends.