We speak differently to the various people in our lives. Some conversations go deep, like ones with good friends that keep you up until 4 a.m. Some wade in the shallows of “this heat we're having,” like with a stranger on the street. Some swim in one part of the conversational sea, taking care to avoid the others, like when your parents want to know about your exam grades — or love life.

We're connected to (literally) an entire world of people on the internet, an entirely new — yet not all that different — experience. Instead of having every online service expect us to socialize as our one “true” identity, it should be easy to have a distinct, private identity for each online situation. Your conversations with friends should be private enough that your family or boss doesn't see them. Your published thoughts should only be seen by who you want. You should be able to speak your mind.

That's what we believe, and that's why creating multiple blogs on is so easy. Each blog is a lightweight identity, independent and never linked to the others. You can also move posts freely between blogs, or turn them into anonymous articles. And as we add more community features, you'll be able to fully interact as each one of your blog identities.

So to make this even more useful, today we're bumping up the blog limit for Pro users to 10 blogs, with more to come as we hear about people hitting that limit (let us know how many you need if you do). Enjoy!

Update March 1, 2019: the limit for Pro users is now 3 blogs. Need more? Get additional blogs here.

Update August 1, 2016: Don't need 10 blogs? We've launched a smaller plan, too.