Limited free cross-posting

We want everyone to see what our best features are like before committing to a Pro subscription. So now we're giving everyone 3 cross-posts per month for free! Now you can get your writing out to your Twitter, Tumblr, or Medium followers even easier.

Once you've created a blog, simply go to your Blogs page and add the channels you want to post to. They'll show up in the editor for new posts, where you can choose which ones to publish each entry to. We cross-post what makes sense for each channel, so places like Twitter get a short summary with a link to the post, where Tumblr and Medium get the full content, including any title or hashtags you send along.

If you use up your cross-posts, you'll get more at the beginning of each month. But you can also remove the limit by upgrading (and you'll get other useful features, too).

Look for more channels soon, and as always, let us know what you think any time.