What do you use Write.as for?

We're happiest when we can talk to you, the writers. After all, you're the main reason we keep getting better and better. We like building a conversational company in Write.as, instead of one that merely dictates its wishes to the masses, expecting you to accept whatever we come up with. We take care of the overall vision, but you point out our blind spots and show us things we would've otherwise missed.

Now we want to know how we're doing from as many of you as possible: how useful have we been for you? What have we helped you accomplish? We ask these two questions in our latest writer survey, and would be forever grateful if you took half a minute to fill it out.

It's aimed at anyone who's used Write.as for a bit, so if you're just getting started, we'll gladly take your response after you've played with the product some more. Otherwise, the questions are multiple choice, with room to elaborate if you want to give us more detail. If you'd like to chat directly with us, remember we're always around. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Take the Spring writer survey.