First day in with a new way of thinking. It has been busy with my moving to another accomodation in the same city but basically it was good.

I asked to a girl where a specific neighborhood is. She was nice and answer with a great smile. Don't know yet if that's an indicator of interest.

In the night, I went ou with a friend and we went to a rooftop near my new place. We grabbed a drink and after that we went to the dance floor for a few minutes. I wasn't really comfortable there. Nightclubs are not my best places. So I have to work on it. When I came back to my home, I read some blogs about guys going out alone in nightclub. Since that rooftop is at 3 minutes, I can challenge myself to go there and have fun alone (and by meeting new people there).

The best mindset I can have here is that I should consider it as a game. All that shit is a game and you know, probably, I'll know some situations where I'll feel uncomfortable because of how people react. But definitely, with that in mind, I should really grow up. After all, that the purpose of this new blog: getting a better self-confidence and having fun.