Fourth day.

Well, basically, this day was pretty weird. The office where I work was full of new people. So far, I had two good convo. They others were “hey” only. So I was wondering if that was normal or not. Did I tell that I wasn't comfortable socially?

Tonight, I want give a challenge to myself: since I'll work from home tomorrow, I will force myself to go out just to talk to people. The spectrum will be between “hey, what time is it?” to “hey, how are you?”. I already feel anxiety. But the good thing is I'm not going to die if some people ghost me. I'm excited overall.

I also wanted to tell you that I started a new nofap session. What is nofap? It's just not masturbating at all. It gives you more power through the day and better minds, a better confidence, more testosterone... the best of yourself actually. I'm on my second day.