Hello there. I am 26 years old, I am a software engineer who works in a software company. I am what people call a ”loser”. I am not charismatic, I did not have so much girls in my life. I am not so handsome. I have social anxiety. And finally, I don’t have any serious friends.

I ended my firt and last serious relationship because she cheated on me at the beginning of January. She did that out fo the blue. Because she has an avoidant attachment pattern because of her toxic family where she grew up. Nevermind, it doesn’t excuse her behaviour. I had a terrible month where we (I ?) tried to rekindle. But it didn’t work for me and I told her that I wanted to set more distance between us. She got mad and for 2 months now, we are in no contact.

During these two months, I found a job in a tech company as a software engineer, I moved from France to Portugal and I did sports 4 days a week, I met tons of new people, I’ve reconsidered my friendships, I started a therapy and I’ve read books on relationships and psychology. It was really intense and I’m proud of myself.

But day by day, I have that moments where I feel sad. I really tried to work on myself but something is still wrong with me. I want to meet more girls than before. I am in the age range where I’m supposed to have great sexual experiences and to build my emotional pattern by getting relationships.

So for my own health, I decided to start my own program to kill my inner loser. Everyday, I will log what I achieved to kill my social anxiety and to get more girls than before. It will be a very long trip but I’m sure it will be the best one in my life.