Third day.

I feel better with myself. Before I had always the need to get approvals with eye contacts from girls. And if they didn't give me back that contact, I felt bad.

What happened today? I asked two hot girls on the street for directions. I was a little bit confiusing in my words. English isn't my mother tongue. But I showed them that I was confident and they answered me with a great smiles and they were really kind. Before saying bye, the second one, a blonde girl with blue eyes gave me a really long eye contact. I was happy with that.

Later in the day, I came to the terrace of a cafe and I read a book there. I saw a cute girl with a friend at another table and I was wondering in my minds if I should came to her to ask her phone number. I was like “I shouldn't bother them”. But definitely, the next time, I should give it a try and see how people react.

I have to work on two things: