A penguin that writes about his Faith and his love of anime. He may even talk about Linux while he is at it.

Over the weekend been extremely hard for me. my grandmother had a heart attack. so that why I have not been writing for a bit. ill be back into writing stuff tomorrow. so please bare with me and let me get things back to normal . next article is written but i been trying to learn how to add pictures to the article!

Bluhat signing off. God Bless and happy SSHing

the first day Hello my fellow readers and mastodon users. this is Bluhatwearingpenguin. or Bluthat for short. I am a a simple Penguin of Simple means. I love to watch anime, reading the bible. plus video games!

This blog will be a lil project of mine! I will share my day on day dealings and my views. so far I am trying to get the app to work so I can post without going into the web version granted I am using a open source writing tool Called Ghost writer to keep my thoughts off the web before I want it to go. I am debating on other things too. this just Day one so I will leave it short and sweet!

Bluhat signing off. God Bless and happy SSHing