Darkroom – Black and White I think I got that down. Color, not at all. 1. check for classes on color film printing. 2. build out a darkroom, dry side. ether in a tent or my closet. The closet might be a little too small. 3. Enlarger. Most likely used not new with a color head. Also should be 35, 120, and 4x5 capable. 4. Wet side will be the bathroom, but the kitchen might be easier in this apartment. 5. Shelving and storage for “all the great artwork I will create.” ;–)

What else?

I just developed some expired Adox CHS 25 Art film. Wow. I developed it in HC-110/B and it looks good. I'll be trying out some Scala 50 soon. I'll do the negative first. After I get the Scala Reversal Kit I'll do the B+W slide. Now just waiting for the film to fully dry. Then I will scan some images and post them.

Do you like to use Black and White films for your photography? And enjoy developing the film yourself. You should check out unblinking Eye.

The places I buy film, film chemicals, and film accessories.

Film stock varies in availability, so I have to look at more than one site. Also, B&H will work in a pinch.

“The piano ain't got no wrong notes.” – Thelonious Monk


New day. Yeah! Well okay, just a day. So Have a day!

Just watch the movie spotlight. Good movie. Well acted and well written. Adds the right amount of drama. It is a drama. So two thumbs up. I wonder if my mother has seen it. She is a reformed Catholic, after all.

I'm writing to you. To practice typing on my old keyboard. It is the Kinesis advantage keyboard. It takes some time to relearn the key layout.

Today's work is about cleaning up configs in the monitoring tool. And using CLI skills and bash shortcuts. Also looking for a new Unix box to connect to the network to use as a troubleshooting box.

In 4 days, I will have been working from home for one year. I feel like I have lost a whole year of my life. What a strange time we all live in today. What will the future bring? Lord only knows.

This stupid game helped me through the dark day. A video game, for real. Destiny

July was the last time I blogged. Wow! Not much is happening just sitting around eating and sleeping. I would love some snow that would be a nice change. But first, let stock up with some food.... Got a new PC a small laptop with great battery life. With the idea of starting back up with photography. Let hope it happens. I'll publish the photos here and maybe one other site.