In the Colors of My Heart.

In the stillness of my soul, a truth emerges, A secret longing that time now converges. With trembling words, I seek to share, A part of myself, loving, and rare. Friends and family, hear me today, As I open my heart in a courageous display. In the tapestry of my being, vibrant and true, I embrace a truth, a part of me I share with you. I am the hues of the rainbow's delight, In the spectrum of love, I find my light. For I am bi, an identity so bold, A kaleidoscope of emotions untold. With each passing day, my love expands, Beyond the boundaries society demands. Both women and men ignite my soul, In their beauty and hearts, I find my role. Acceptance and understanding I yearn to receive, To know that my journey, you will believe. For love knows no limits, no judgment, no shame, In embracing who I am, we'll all gain. Let us celebrate the colors that define, The love that intertwines, yours and mine. Together we'll dance in unity's grace, A family that stands, love interlaced. I share this truth, vulnerable and free, Hoping you'll see and truly embrace me. With open hearts and open minds, Let's create a world where love always finds. So to my dear friends and family near, Know that my bisexuality, I hold dear. I stand here before you, authentic and true, With love in my heart, I am coming out to you