My Self-Imposed Kindle Ban.

I read a lot of books. And by a lot, I mean so many that I finish one book and within a matter of days have finished three more and barely remember any of what I read 3 days ago. Back in 2014 when they released one of the early versions of iOS, apple did one of the best and worst things. They made it so you couldn't remove the iBooks app off your phone. It was the best thing because it opened up a whole new reading world. It was the worst because it opened up a whole new reading world and quickly became an addiction. Within a few years, I'd read and purchased nearly 800 books. Yes, I know, how can one girl read so much? Don't ask me because I don't have an answer. Today, I took a scroll back down memory lane and found that I don't remember reading any of the books I have in my Apple books library. I decided to remove kindle from my phone and revisit the 800 books that have sat growing digital dust for the last few years. I plan on documenting this process and reviewing as many of the books that I can. The me that was reading eBooks back in 2014 is far different to the me reading eBooks today, so this should be an interesting journey. It might also open up endless reading recommendations, so be prepared for the reading recommendation flood!