My Self-Imposed Kindle Ban.

The other day, I wrote about putting myself on a kindle ban and taking another look at the collection of books in my apple library. I've been trying to read different books throughout the week using apple books, and I am finding that the enjoyment is not there. Whether it's because I read these books several years ago and my reading tastes have changed, or the new changes and updates apple have made to the app, I am just not liking the ban at the moment. The apple books experience is far different to the kindle one, and my reasoning for not liking the ban partially comes from app design. While in both apps I can open the book and read, Kindle has a nicer page layout. Apple succeeds in the book finding department. Both apps have good points and bad points, it's just that kindles reading experience is far more preferable to me and what I read. I will continue trying to read books in apple Books, however, for me to still enjoy reading, I need to return to kindle. Did I fail? Only slightly, I'd say.