Unveiling the Light Within.

In the depths of her being, a woman resides, Uncertain, battle-scarred, where hope subsides. Weary from trauma's relentless toll, She carries burdens that have taken their toll. Plagued by thoughts that haunt her mind, A heavy burden she struggles to unwind. But within her heart, a flicker remains, A yearning for solace, to break free from chains. She questions her worth, lost in the night, As darkness threatens to consume her light. Unsure of her identity's true domain, She seeks answers, a balm for her pain. In the depths of despair, she longs to find, A purpose, a direction, to leave no doubt behind. Yearning for support, uplifting embrace, To find a tribe that nurtures, leaving no trace. For in this world, self-doubt takes hold, A battle within, where self-hate unfolds. But she deserves love, like any other soul, To find solace, to heal and be whole. Let the whispers of hope break through the gloom, Guiding her steps towards a brighter bloom. May she find strength in the embrace of love, A sanctuary, lifting her high above. Surrounding herself with those who uplift, Empathy and compassion, her spirit's gift. In their presence, may she discover her worth, Unveiling her essence, her truest rebirth. For she is more than her scars and her strife, A survivor, a warrior, embracing life. In the tapestry of existence, she'll find her place, A resounding echo of belonging and grace. Let her journey unfold, with purpose and light, Unveiling her true self, shining ever so bright. May she discover the beauty within her core, Embracing her worth, forevermore.