White Breads Woe. Once upon a time in a land where health food reigned supreme, there lived a lonely loaf of white bread. It sat sadly amongst the shelves full of high fibre, grain filled, vegan friendly and gluton free bread that disappeared as hands reached to place it in baskets and carts. For days, the bread sat there, wishing for a hand to lift it from the shelf. It started to age, losing its fresh white colour. Yet the store owner left it there, believing that someone would buy it. On a day that was just like any other,a young child and her mother entered the store. After filling their cart with milk, fruit and other essentials, the pair made their way down the bread aisle. They passed by the white loaf, leaving its hopes crushed again. “There’s no bread for us here.” The mother said with an irritated sigh. “Yes there is!” The little girl called as she ran back down the aisle. “It’s right here!” “Your right!” Replied the mother. The bread danced in its plastic bag as the. small hand gently lifted it from the shelf. Almost as if she knew the thoughts of the loaf, the girl whispered to it. “we’ll take you home. You can sit on our counter next to miss peanut and mister jam. They seem to like each other.” With feelings of the joy the loaf reveled in its spot atop the rice as they made their way to the counter. Several beeps were heard and then the bread was surrounded by darkness as it was placed in a bag. “Have a nice day!” The cashier called as the group left the store. “Oh I will.” Muttered the bread in response. The bread was taken to a nice house with pretty blue paint and an abundance of flowers in the garden. It lived, though not for long in a state of happiness. All was happy and the bread did not see another lonely shelf again.