How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Fitness Myths

Gyms and the fitness community are full of commonly held myths and fallacies.

Working Out

Everyone at some point has believed in each of these because even the “experts” they talk to or read believe them!

Sometimes these myths won’t harm a new lifter’s progress. Something like “should or shouldn’t I squat past my toes??” isn’t going to harm anything (answer: it doesn’t matter if you squat past your toes). But other myths can hold back the lifter who believes in them. Here we go over three of the most commonly held fitness myths, in no particular order.

Cardio is Only for Fat Loss, Weights Are Only for Building Muscle

This is a HUGE myth that even many personal trainers hold onto, for whatever reasons.

Yes, the way most people do cardio and lift weights these are how they respectively work best.

But, it’s deeper than that.

If you hate cardio, you can easily substitute cardio for something else: lifting weights faster with shorter rest periods.

By simply increasing the speed you lift weights for each rep your heart rate will increase.Even more, by shortening your rest periods to about 30 seconds you will keep your heart rate high for your entire workout. The sweat will be pouring off you as if you just went for a run.

As for cardio and fat loss, even if you aren’t trying to lose weight or “cut” at a particular point, it’s always a good idea to still do cardio a few times a week.

You will keep off any excess fat easier and stay in better cardiovascular shape.

How to Get Abs Go into a big-name chain during peak hours and you will see people doing a lot of ab exercises (especially right before summer). These people think endless crunches and sit ups will give them a six pack. Then there’s the saying “abs are made in the kitchen.”

Really the truth falls in the middle. If you have excess fat around the midsection you need to lose the weight before you will see any great ab development. This will require cleaning up your diet and maybe even doing a cut. But, your abs are still a muscle. If you want them to pop out with that 3D look you need to work them out enough to get some visible development.

You Can Out-Train a Poor Diet A lot of people do this one without even realizing. This goes for many low-level athletes, and people who have been in the gym a long time and haven’t seen any real progress.

If your diet isn’t at least 80% in tune to your goals than you won’t see any progress. Even if you just want to look better, if you don’t clean up your diet then your progress won’t show through.

On particular days, you can get away with more. For example, if you decide to eat out at a fast food restaurant after a tough leg day, your tough workout will suck up all the excess calories.

But, too many days of this and you can reverse any and all progress you made.

To really achieve a high level of health and fitness you need to pay attention to what you eat. Simply going to the gym three times a week is not enough for most people.

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