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What makes our writers stand out from the crowd? Is it their qualifications, their expertise, their experience, or their academic prowess? Or, is it an accumulation of years of dedicated Tutoriage, pooled intelligence and an unwavering commitment to students’ needs?

Trained By Ex-Professors

We only hire people that have at least a degree, with the exception of our programming team, which means our writers are experts on their subject of choice. However, we go a step further. Not only do we insist that our writers work full-time and in-house, we also have them trained by the ex-professors we have on staff.

We hire published academics, writers and ex-professors, and we have discovered that if we have our ex-professors train our other writers in the way of academic manipulation, that we can consistently improve our output.

What Do Our Ex-Professors Have To Teach

Professors have to mark essays, they have to learn how to mark essays and use marking guides. Our ex-professors teach our writers the most current tricks of the trade. They tell our writers about the shortcuts that professors’ use and how to exploit these shortcuts.

Our ex-professors teach our writers how to pander to an over-tired professor that has marked hundreds of essays in one week. They show our writers how to conform to strict marking guides so that even an incompetent essay marker will still grade the essay more highly. Our ex-professor show our essay writers what professors are looking for and give them tips on the most common amendment requests, from overly long footer amendments, to delexical amendments.

All Of Our Writers Have At Least A Degree

With the exception of our superstar programming team, all of our writers have at least a degree, with many having advanced degrees and lots of them having various additional qualifications.

The pool of talent within our writing team is large, and the broad qualification profile means that we can cater to all subjects, all topics, and all paper types that exist in mainstream colleges and universities. We even have writers that will fill out multiple-choice questions, writers that will write your resume, project proposals, and application letters if you like.

What About Proofreading?

We commissioned a proofreading team that worked in Oxford in the UK because it is the home of the great English language. We moved the six-person team to the US to work in-house with our writers. If you are worried that your work isn’t showing a use of higher level English, or if you are worried that there are English spelling and grammar mistakes, our team can fix it for you.

As an added bonus, we also have our proofreading team check the work of our premium quality and platinum quality customers too. This means that not only does a qualified academic write and check your essay, but another team of seasoned academics gets to check it too in case the writer innocently missed something. It is a form of due diligence and standard that is not upheld in any other essay writing service on the US continent.

Pooling The Intelligence Of Our Countries Greatest Writers

The sheer number of academics working for our company makes us rival many universities and colleges in the US. The sheer weight of experience and talent that is put behind every essay is staggering, and yet the prices we charge are set by the market. This means that the value for money you get is 13x what you pay for. What does this mean?

Imagine if you pooled the intelligence of the country’s greatest car designers and builders, and you trained them, had them work full-time, had them work in house, paid them handsomely, and allowed them to build on their experience. Then you asked them to create a new car from scratch, and the car they create is a Lamborghini. In terms of value, if the company that made the car were us, then we would have to sell that $200,000 car for $15,300. Our writers do such a good job, that the value of our written work is 13x more than the price we charge, and yet our pricing policy only allows us to sell our services at market median prices, so it is lucky for us that we do not manufacture cars.

Proof That Our Work Is Of Extraordinary Value

Our work is worth 13 times more than the prices we charge. We set our prices by gathering information on our biggest competitors and undercutting them slightly. As a result, the value you get for our work is far more than the price you pay.

So true is this fact that every year we get at least one thousand emails from students bragging that they bought their essay for themselves but instead sold it to their friends for a whopping profit. So high is the value of our work that we are repeatedly told that our platinum work scores top of the class/year-group.

We are always thrilled to hear your success stories about how well your essay did, or how you have sold your essay on to your friends for a profit. Get in touch if you have any fun success stories, we always appreciate the feedback and we are happy to personally pat your writer on the back in front of our writing team.

The Benefits Of Using Our Expert Team

Our writers do a fantastic job, and we reward our writers with a stream of scalable projects for them to complete for extra money, so they are quite happy to take on your written projects. Here is a list of writer qualities you get when you buy cheap essays from us.