Browserboard Update: Images and PDFs

It’s been a while! I took a break to work on my band’s album release, then I broke my arm and took a few months to recover. But I finally got back into working on Browserboard a few weeks ago and today I have a long list of major improvements to share.


Users with accounts may now add images to your boards by dragging, pasting, or clicking this button:

This feature is limited to logged-in users, and I’ll periodically review uploaded images to make sure the feature isn’t being abused. Ideally your images would be private to you, but as a one-person operation running this as a side project, I need to minimize risk.


You can upload PDFs just like you can upload images. When you do, you'll be asked which pages you want to include, and how you want to arrange them.

Each page of the PDF will be inserted as an image shape.

Image library

Browserboard now provides a set of images you can use in any board. For now it's just music notation, but in the future I'll add more. If there's a set of images you think would be a good addition, please write in and let me know!

Claiming boards created anonymously

If you create a board while logged out, then sign up or log in, you'll be able to add the original board to your user account, removing its expiration date. This change should remove a lot of rough edges with the experience of using Browserboard for the first time.

You can now copy share links for boards directly from your dashboard without loading the board first using one of the tiny link buttons at the bottom of each card.